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Vintage Inspired Negligees for Men
Peignoirs for Men and Women
Vintage Inspired Nightgowns for Men
Nylon Tricot Negligees, Peignoirs for men who desire to wear women's gowns,
custom made especially for the bold, the delicious,
and the naughty sissy poufbunny sexy people!

Vintage Intimate Lingerie created with yards and yards of flowing sheer see through nylon tricot fabric,
alluringly draped to reveal and conceal, will make your sissy boudoir experience sensual and erotic.

Vintage Nylon Negligee Peignoir for men and women

Seductive designs created for men and women for your playtime pleasure.
Men who desire to wear women's clothing
Worn for personal sexual appeal or to arouse the sensuality of another.
A vintage inspired negligee, peignoir, nightgown, or robe
can be created in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and designs.

Silky, Poufy, Frilly, Sissy Panties made with sheer nylon tricot, organza or silk.
Lots of frilly ruffles, ribbons, bows and billowing clouds of silky sheer fabric. Oh My!
You can ask for: No lace, beads, sequins, or rhinestones.
Just smooth gathery soft and fluffy Sissy Panties.
For all your pouf bunny sissy needs.

baby doll for crossdressed men negligee for men crossdresser

I recreate diaphanous designs of the sheerest nylon vintage inspired from the 1950’s Negligee or Peignoir. Lace trimmed, frilly sleeves, finished with details in gathers and satin ribbon bows, lace appliqués, puffed sleeves, and gathered wrists add delicate luxury. Multiple layers of fabrics were used in the 1950's. Negligees made in the 1940s to the 1970s are now collectible items.

I recreate the floor length negligees vintage inspired from the 1950’s. The designs are up to you. The cost of a negligee is based on the yardage, $185 for 10 yards, $245 for 15 yards, and $375 for 25 yards. I make the gowns with one layer and lots of gathering at the neckline yoke on the shoulders. Negligees with multiple layers will of course require more yardage. Negligees, peignoirs, baby dolls, or sissy panties made of fabrics other than 15 denier 100% nylon will be based upon the price of fabric you select.

Shorter negligee or peignoir prices are based on length.
Bum length is approximately $85, Knee length is approximately $125.
The babydoll made with sexy ribbon ties on the shoulders is approximately $65.
Matching panties approximately $55 (depends on your frilly needs)

The cost for plus sizes or very tall men will be estimated by amount of yardage I need to use.

Colors for intimate lingerie available in 15 denier 100% nylon are:
Black, White, Light Blue, Pastel Pink
Seafoam Green, Light Cobalt Blue
Light Old Rose, Red

A peignoir (pronounced paynwarr) is a long nightgown usually sheer and made of nylon or chiffon. The Peignor was sold with matching panties, but are often worn with no underwear. The origin is French, from peigner “to comb”, because the garment was originally worn while combing the hair.

The word negligee comes from the French négliger, meaning to neglect, to disregard or to overlook. The negligee is for wear at night and in the bedroom. It is a form of nightgown, first introduced in France in the 18th Century, where the negligee resembled the heavy head-to-toe style of women's day dresses of the time. The term "negligee" was also used for a run of ceramic figurines in 1927, showing women wearing what appears to be a one-piece knee-length silk or rayon slip, trimmed with lace.

A modern negligee style (translucent bodices, lace trimming, bows) was exemplified in 1941 by a photo of Rita Hayworth in Life Magazine. After World War II, nightwear changed from being primarily functional to being primarily sensual or even erotic. The negligee emerged strongly in the fashion industry as a form of lingerie.

Rita Hayworth lace and silk chemise

Modern negligees are often much looser and made of sheer and semi-translucent nylon tricot fabrics and trimmed with lace or other fine material, and satin bows. Multiple layers of fabric were often used. Today’s negligee owes its design to women's fine bed jackets or bed-capes and up-market high end slips, then to the nightgown. The manufacturing of negligees spread to a mass market, benefiting from the introduction of inexpensive synthetic fabrics such as nylon and its finer successors. From the 1940s to the 1970s, the trend for negligees was to become shorter in length (such as the baby doll of the 1970s).

18th Century female fashion was made popular by Marie Antoinette. The negligee has elements of French Baroque lavish splendors of the Court of Versailles. After the death of Louis XIV, the new form of dress was called a "sack" or "sacque," a more comfortable, looser fitting dress with more flowing lines. The sacque or sack (back) (gown), robe à la française is a long gown with fabric hanging free from the shoulders, or stitched down for a few inches and hanging free from there to the hem. This fabric is stacked in multiple deep pleats. At the beginning of the 18th century, the gown hung freely from the shoulders front and back.

18th Century Madame de Pompadour Dress in 18th Century Europe

Below are some photos of my inspiration. Email me at inga@burlesquecostumes.com
or call me at 510-436-4938 and let's discuss your inspiration for designs.

short black sheer negligee with full circle skirt

embroidered peignoir with matching panties peignoir short with matching panties black sheer negligee with matching gown red sheer peignoir with matching panties

netting peignoir with matching panties shoulder length gloves

1950's dressing gown marilyn in negligee sheer black negligee sheer black lace negligee

lana turner negligee mae west negligee lace negligee

1960's negligee lace chemise lace and fur chemise sheer black negligee

Book of Vintage Negligee or Peignoir dainty crocheted lace negligee
Lili St Cyr Profili Album catalogue of Intimate Secrets Adeline Cordet, Crocheted Boudoir Negligees

negligee pattern 3762 peignoir pattern 3902 ladies peignoir and gown set pattern

peignoir pattern peignoir pattern 3239 ladies negligee pattern 4972

negligee pattern 3401 negligee pattern 1850 ladies negligee pattern 6551

ladies negligee pattern 6610 peignoir and nightgown set pattern 4936

custom made g-string for men custom made panty with fringe for men
Custom made to order, Mens Sissy Sexy Underwear
with lace and fringe

The Feminine Art Lingerie Sewing

The Erotic Drive to CrossDress
"We are not to consider clothing as something arbitrary and capricious,
as lifeless fabric, but rather as conspicuous, intentional indications of an inner striving."

The chapter of most interest to me is Chapter 9 "Clothing as a Form of Expression of Mental Conditions"

Another quote from the book: "The divergent drive extends not only to a particular quality of the partner, the sex object, but much more to the sex subject, precisely the appearance of one's own personality that is wished for. And this certainly does not have to be only in the outer clothing, but rather also in the underclothing, as well as in all of the other accessories of the costumes, including headdress, that are like the other sex and, as much as possible, the use of commodities and customs as they are befitting to them."

I find this book Transvestites The Erotic Drive to Cross Dress, very interesting, and the language at times is thick.
"Clothing is the uncounscious language of the spirit and clearly
expresses itself all the more when the tongue is condemned to silence."

My Husband Betty Alice in Genderland Crossdressing Sex and Gender
My Husband Betty, Love Sex, and Life with a Crossdresser by Helen Boyd; Alice in Genderland by Richard J Novic; Crossdressing, Sex and Gender by Vern L and Bonnie Bullough;

Dressing Up Transvestism and Drag:  The History of an Obsession Transformations Crossdressers and Those Who Love Them The Gender Frontier
Dressing Up, Transvestism and Drag: The History of an Obsession by Peter Ackroyd; Transformations, Crossdressers and Those Who Love Them by Mariette Pathy Allen; The Gender Frontier by Mariette Pathy Allen;

Burlesque Costumes, Sexy Lingerie or Exotic Dance Wear, Wedding Gowns.
Vintage Negligee or Peignoir custom made for men and women.
Designs for crossdress or sissy men, with broader shoulders and longer waists.
Mens Sexy Underwear custom made to order with lace and fringe.
Silky, Poufy, Frilly, Sissy Panties made with sheer nylon, organza or silk.
Lots of ruffles, ribbons, bows and layers and layers of billowing clouds of fabric. Oh My!
Just smooth gathery soft and fluffy Sissy wear.
For all your pouf bunny sissy needs.
Shoulder length gloves of stretch netting or satin lycra
Rhinestone, lace or beaded patterns, oh so sexy! oh so erotic!
Items are available for purchase or design your own.

How to Order Burlesque Costumes Intimate Lingerie Negligee or Peignoir For custom orders email: inga@burlesquecostumes.com
or call me at 510-436-4938 and let's discuss your inspiration for designs.
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